The season of love is here again, but with a twist. Just like last year, we are learning to celebrate Valentine’s in the midst of a pandemic. But fear not, with a little bit of planning and creativity you can enjoy one of the best at-home Valentine’s Days you’ve ever had.

In today’s blog, we‘ve compiled a list of activities and ideas that can help you plan that perfect Valentine’s day at home with your sweetheart. The trick is to find activities that you can both enjoy and set the right mood! So, whatever idea you have, go all out with the décor, your outfit and the ambiance. Trust us, these details can completely transform a simple idea into a memorable experience.

Here are 5 ways you can create the perfect Valentine's Day at home.

1. Take A Cocktail Making Class Online Take A Cocktail Making Class Online Is your date a Mojito or Cuba Libre person? This Valentine’s Day learn your date’s favorite cocktails and how to make them!

Browse through and book a class with Classpop, a specialized website in virtual cocktail making classes for every occasion. To set the scene, turn on your favorite music, dress to impress and prepare some amuse-bouches to go with your cocktail tasting. You might even want to shake things up a bit by adding a game of tipsy Jenga to the mix. Get ready for loud laughing, singing and sweet boozy tastes.

For those who prefer alcohol-free celebrations, Classpop also offers alternative drinks that don’t include alcohol but still retain their deliciousness. Enjoy!

2. Learn To Dance Together Learn To Dance Together Online dance classes are booming - are you ready to join in the fun?

Many dancers and dancing schools switched to online. From beginners to professionals, salsa all the way to Bollywood, get your groove on with your partner by booking an online dancing class with virtual dance studios like Steezy or Duet. Feel the endorphins flow and twirl around as you learn to dance with your partner. Plus it’s a great way to relieve stress and anxiety.

But remember, you don’t need a virtual class to dance. Just turn your favorite music on and take it away! Don’t overthink it, just let dancing be a way to get your mind off of things and connect more intimately with your partner.

3. Share Your Favorite Food From Your Travels When you can’t take your Valentine to your favorite restaurant, you can bring your favorite restaurant home.

Goldbelly delivers fresh hot dinner kits made by America’s top chefs and restaurants to your doorstep. You might even prefer it this way. Browse through their website to find local eateries you adore or that memorable restaurant you tried once during your travels. You can even select the option for your food to arrive by Valentine’s day! Create a true romantic restaurant dinner ambiance by dimming the lights, lighting up some candles, and playing some soft background music.

A bite of soft lobster roll brings you back to your road trips to Maine. Fresh salty bagels remind you of those lazy Sunday mornings when you lived in New York City. Sharing these moments with someone special is a great way to learn about each other and share fun stories about your life. Who wants some hot gourmet cheesesteak?

Create An At Home-Spa Create An At Home-Spa A spa visit is always an experience to remember. The heated pools and luxurious, relaxing massages always feel like you are being wrapped in a soft warm blanket after a long day. But did you know that you could create a spa home by creating a romantic, intimate at-home spa day on Valentine’s Day? We’ll help you plan it.

Here’s how to set the mood. First, give your Valentine a hand-written spa treatment menu of what will be offered. Grab some fancy at-home spa creams, serums and oils and arrange them nicely on a tray (maybe with some rose petals) and a candle. Have some warm fluffy towels, comfortable bathrobes and slippers. Get creative by diffusing some essential oils or lighting aromatherapy candles. Have fun with some exotic scents that are out of the ordinary to spice things up! Get the bathtub going with bubbles and luxury bath salts like these from Naturopathica. And remember, uncluttered space equals uncluttered mind. So, get rid of any clutter in your bathroom and keep things minimal.

Now relax with your partner and let yourselves be invigorated by the soothing spa night you are about to have. To make things even more romantic, why not add some champagne and chocolates to the experience? Triple bliss!

Create Your Private Movie Theater Create Your Private Movie Theater If COVID-19 has restricted your movie adventures, there are still ways to enjoy your favorite movies at home with your partner on Valentine's day.

One option is to take your DIY movie theater outside. Grab some blankets, pillows, with a projector and a sheet, and take advantage of your garden, if the weather permits. Watching a movie under the stars, sipping wine with the sweet smells of flowers and green grass will make even the most unromantic person’s heart flutter.

Or instead, go all out and turn your living room into an intimate cozy at-home movie theater, VIP style! Get yourself a projector that connects to your laptop and watch Netflix in a whole new way! Again, the more blankets and cushions, the better. You can even create a Valentine's Day-themed gift basket for your partner with homemade popcorn, wine, chocolates and even a little surprise gift hidden inside. Enjoy the night cuddling, feeding each other popcorn and getting immersed in a tear-jerking romantic movie.


Our team at It’s Just Lunch wishes you and your sweetheart a beautiful Valentine’s day!

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