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Couple Hanging Out At Table

Dating in the 90s and Now

“Unbelievable” comes on the radio as you scramble to grab your cassette tape to record the chart-topper.

Dating Younger Men or Dating Older Women

Younger men, Older Women

Let's face it- most dating "rules" of the preceding decades have gone out the window. They're about as current as leisure suits and 8-tracks.

Breaking the Pattern

Breaking the Pattern

If you keep finding yourself in relationships with a slightly different version of the same person, then you, my friend, have what we call in the <

Coaching Topic Of The Month: The 5 Love Languages

Coaching Topic Of The Month: The 5 Love Languages

How people show and express love is crucial in finding the right relationship.

Stereotypes are Changing

Stereotypes are Changing

Let's face it- most of the "rules” for dating from the preceding decades have been thrown out the window.

Evening Lunch

5 Things That Make a Great First Date

A first date is the crucial stepping stone to a long term connection.

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