Summer is not over yet, the season of love and adventure - and planning park dates! Whether you’re going on your first date or looking to get to know someone special better, park dates are a great way of spending time together, outdoors.

Now, if you’re wondering what you should be wearing on these hot summer days, we’ve got you! In this blog, we're sharing our favorite park date outfit ideas with you based on how you plan to spend the day. This way, the next time you head to the park, you'll feel confident, comfortable and ready to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Ready? Let's dive right in.

The Flower Gardens Park Date Outfit A stroll in a beautiful rose garden? A secret flower garden that looks like a fairytale? There are so many ways to add romance to a park date when you find the right place!

If flower gardens are your thing, we’ve got the perfect outfit for you. Ladies, wear summer dresses with floral prints and vibrant colors. Or go all white for an angelic effect. Adorn yourself with sparkly jewels that will shine in the sun. Or add a bohemian touch with a cute flower headband. Choose a sun hat, a small bag, sandals and sunglasses to complete the look.

For men, stand out with a casual light color cotton shirt with shorts. Add some comfortable sneakers and don’t forget your sunglasses too. Enjoy your romantic stroll in the gardens!

The Jog In The Park Date OutfitThose with active lifestyles, we’re here for you too. If you want to meet your date without skipping your workout, why not merge the two? That’s right, take your date out to the park for some jogging. Here’s what to wear:

Make sure to wear something that's both breathable and protects you from chafing or blisters. Check that your clothes are light-weight, loose-fitting and light colors so that you don’t overheat.

For women, a tank top with a sports bra underneath with some cute running shorts will look great. Keep your make-up light and waterproof. For men, a loose t-shirt with some shorts and comfortable running shoes are perfect.

The Park Concert Date Outfit Music lovers, get ready for summer concerts in the park! If you’ve been wondering what kind of music your date is into or if they can handle you singing your heart out, this date idea is perfect for you.

In terms of outfit, we suggest you add plenty of personality to your wardrobe so your date gets to know the real you. So, don’t hesitate to let your rocker or country vibe shine through with your favorite band’s t-shirt, some unique jewelry and bouncy hairstyles.

Complete the look by adding some white sneakers and sunglasses. Most importantly, make sure to wear comfortable shoes, so that you're ready to grab your partner and dance to your favorite song!

The Picnic In The Park Date Outfit Picnics are such an easy, quick and romantic way of spending time together. And once you’ve had your food, you can take a romantic stroll in the park and enjoy the nature around you. Who knows, you might even hold hands and have your first kiss?

To get picnic date ready, wear an outfit that's both easy to move in and comfortable. You’ll be sitting and lying down so you don’t want to feel awkward in your clothes.

For women, a loose summer dress with flats and a big summer hat will look feminine and elegant. Or, if you prefer an edgier look, go for a loose top with denim shorts and some sneakers. For men, a loose shirt with shorts or jeans works great, too. If it's a hot day, consider bringing an umbrella along to provide shade.

The Bike-Riding Park Date Outfit Summer is the season for riding bikes and is a great date idea to get the sparks flying. But here’s something to think about before saying yes. Riding a bike in the park can either be a relaxed, easy-going activity or a serious workout. So make sure to confirm which one you’re going for with your date so that you don’t have any bad surprises on the day!

A relaxing tour of the park on a bike? Ladies, add a flair of romance with a short summer dress and sneakers. Make sure to have a small bag to keep your belongings safe. Gentlemen, wear comfortable shorts and a short-sleeved cotton shirt. Don’t forget your sunglasses!

Ready to burn some calories? Above all, make sure your outfit is breathable and protects you from chafing. A loose top with a sports bra and shorts for women and a sports t-shirt and shorts for men. Remember to pack a water bottle and plenty of sunscreen.

The Boat Date Outfit Finally, another great way to enjoy an outdoor adventure is a boat date. It is not the traditional park date, but can be fun and romantic.

Imagine hearing the splashes and feeling the water drops cool you down while you row your boat with your date. We’re all for it! And we can tell you what to wear too.

On a day out on the boat, make sure to wear something that's both comfortable and suitable for the weather. If it's a sunny day, protect yourself from the sun with hats and plenty of sunscreen.

Choose fabrics that are breathable, light and dry easily. Cute T-shirts and shorts are great choices. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to make sure your shoulders and arms are covered. And bring an extra pair of socks and shoes too - nobody likes wet feet!

Ready to meet someone special this summer?

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